June 5, 2017

Privacy policy

In nutshell, service neither collect/store any PII data nor making attempts to identify the user. Only technical information is collected during the scan. No data will be shared with any 3d party.

Nmap.me as a Service

Service: Current service is provided free of charge on “as is” basis. This service is a private “Pet” project of Ihor Kravchuk and built as a helping hand for sysadmins and anyone interested in keeping their infrastructure secure.

Where it runs? Service runs on top of owner-payed AWS infrastructure and private physical servers.

Collection and storage

Do we collect/store PII? Service does not collect any Personally identifiable information, or PII, or making attempts to identify/track a service user.

What services collect and store? As a part of the TCP and Vulnerability scan service detects open port and known vulnerabilities and store this information along with IP and timestamp solely for the caching purpose (to prevent service abuse and reduce the load on the service).

Data usage and sharing

How collected data is used? Collected technical data is used only as a cache to reduce service load. Additionally, it might be used to improve service performance: add some often open TCP ports to the list of the 100 TCP ports to scan and remove obsolete ports from this list to keep scan fast and efficient.

Does service share the collected data? No! All collected technical information is only used to improve service. Service does not share data with any 3d party.

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